Metro Center

Journalists Rights & Advocacy

Metro Center was founded by a group of journalists in 2009, in cooperation with Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR). The Institute had supported the center during the first year of its establishment.

On July 18, 2010, Metro Center held its first conference in the city of Erbil, in which the Board of Administration and Management Council were elected. Meanwhile, the conference announced to work jointly with Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) and their General Council of Management was consequently chosen as well.

Since 2015, Mr.Rahman Ghareeb became the director of Metro center after he has been elected in the second conference of the center.

At the end of 2017, new election has been conducted and Dyar Mhammad has been elected as a director for Metro Center.

Since 2009, this is the 5th time that the director of Metro Center has been nominated through the election process. 

This is the 7th annual report that Metro Center has been publishing for seven executive years.

Since its establishment, Metro Center has implemented numerous projects and activities in connection with (IWPR), the Danish International Media Support (IMS), Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), and Democracy and Human Rights Development Center (DHRD), aiming to broaden the scope of freedom of expression in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and reduce the violations against journalists to zero point.

The main objective of Metro Center is to create an apt environment for journalistic work in Kurdistan, depending on the implementation of the Press Law (No. 35) of 2007 in Kurdistan Region, passed by Kurdistan Parliament and signed by the president of the Kurdish Region.

Metro is a licensed NGO according to Law (1) in 2011 that regulates NGOs in Kurdistan Region.

In January, 2015 it elected its steering committee and its director. Since its establishment, Metro has produced five annual reports (2010-2015) on the status of journalistic rights in Kurdistan.

Metro center main office address

Sulaimani, Shorsh 

Zara Building - 4th floor – No. 42


National: +9647708079999

International: +9647701528887