A Letter of Solidarity from Metro Center

Compatriot: Hanan Mehdi 
Compatriot: Ahmed Abd-Al Husayn
It was of no surprise to us that the Iraqi Network conducted themselves in such an act of maltreatment towards you. Besides having to act independently, they were to promulgate the aspirations of the Iraqi people. They ought to have celebrated intellectuals amongst of which are journalists for finally dissuading the Ministry of Information and their jurisdictions!

However, the administrative control over the public - funded network, as a result of a system of quotas, led to the sharing of important positions in a network between powerful parties, which ultimately forged the network into a tool used to materialize the will of the executives and their orders.   

As the recent demonstrations in the south and central Iraq have shown: authority has tilted, and tremendously so, towards the oppressive terrorization of any opinion opposed to it. They will not hesitate at the use of rounds of ammunition on protestors, or at the arrest of activists and their alleged disappearances. Nor are they willing to hold back on the excessive defiance and abuse towards journalists. 

Metro Center for the advocacy of journalist rights based in the KRG; announces its solidarity with you, and a complete opposition towards the government's repressive measures. Amongst which are the confiscation of citizens' right to freely express their opinions, rights, guaranteed within the Iraqi Constitution. 

Metro also inquires Mr. Haider Al-Abadi to refute these regressive measures because they contradict human rights and the Iraqi Constitution. It is acts such as these that results in the ultimate disdain of the Iraqi citizens. 

Metro Center for Defending Journalist Rights 
Sulaymaniyah - KRG 
30th July 2018