12 networks and alliances in Iraq request to release the activists in Duhok

Due to the plan for demonstration and support the people in Sheladze, the security forces in Duhok has arrested many activists on 27/01/2019.  It’s irrational to arrest activities who just have the intention to demonstrate and access them in an article (156) in Iraqi panel code No (111) in 1969 and the sentence in Iraq is capital punishment and in KRI is life imprisonment. The   demonstration is a right for every single individual and it’s approved by the Iraqi law.

We strongly believe that the arrest is a clear violation of the constitution because the constitution allows everyone to organize a peaceful demonstration. Therefore, the networks and alliances request the security forces to stop arresting people on freedom of expression and instantly release the activists.


·       Metro Center Journalists Rights & Advocacy

·       Shams Network for Election Observation

·       Prisoner’s Justice Network

·       Alliance of Liberties

·       Association of Human Rights Trainers

·       Iraq Child Rights Network

·       Alliance  of  Iraqi Minorities

·       Human Network for Health Promotion and Humanitarian Action

·       Anti-Human Trafficking Network

·       Extractive Industries Transparency Network

·       Alliance 1325

·       Iraqi Women Network



Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.