A well-known journalist threatened with death

Press organizations in Iraq have expressed deep concern over the life of journalist Nabil Jassem after reports of corruption in the bank owned by an Iraqi politician.

Dr. Nabil Jassim Naji said that he received a call on Sunday (26 May 2019) from an unknown person through the Cork number, and that the caller threatened to liquidate him.

The National Syndicate of Journalists is concerned about the threats received by Dr. Nabil Jassim, and demands that the Ministry of the Interior deal seriously with these threats and disclose who is behind them.

The union holds the security forces responsible for the safety of d. Nabil Jassem and cadres news agency (Baghdad today).
All organizations concerned with freedom of the press and freedom of expression in general are invited to pressure and press the executive and legislative authorities to address restrictions on journalists and the media because they publish news coverage on corruption and violations.

The news agency in Baghdad, published a few days ago on its official website, issued a statement saying it "wanted to inform the Iraqi public that it was being threatened, intimidated and pressured by political parties after the agency revealed documents revealing a major scandal where foreign currency was sold to The Central Bank of Iraq, and allowed the smuggling of billions of dollars.